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Finding an Artist Agent; Selling Art Online
... AGENT. Q: Where can I find a list of art agents who represent artists? ... If you've never had an agent and don't have a lot of experience exhibiting, best ...

Agents for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators: Resources and a Guide
An article about literary agents for children's book writers and illustrators, by a children's book editor. ... The Artist/Agent Team by artist rep Chris Tugeau ...

Kolea Baker Artist Representative
... represents artist that are known for producing powerful works that are ... Our approach is artist and client directed, a ...

The Artist Agent Relationship
The artist agent relationship is one that is often compared to a marriage. ... The good agent will be able to use their contacts to bring their artists to the ...

Business Ideas - Artist Agent
Artist Agent business. Represent artists to secure them work and gallery space. ... Why would an artist seek to be represented by an agent? ...

Jen Vaughn Artist Agent - Home
Jennifer Vaughn Art Artist Agent - Jennifer has gathered a stable of award-winning artists who never cease to amaze her with their talents. Together, she and her ...

Contemporary Artists Agents
Gordon - Di Cesare. Artist Agents. Sabine CHERKI. Elisabeth CIBOT. Evert ... Not all of our artists are on the site at all times, so please ask if you would ...

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